We believe that true empowerment comes from increasing capacity and providing access to markets.

About Farmers Place

Farmer's Place is a Agricultural Commodities Trading company, specializing with vegetables, fruits, livestock and animal feed. By working directly with emerging and mid-level farmers, we are able to provide quality products to buyers at the most reasonable products. We source from multiple farmers, enabling us to deliver requisite large quantities to our clients.

In all our operations we endeavor to work with partners which share our commitment to high standards of quality and service.

Working with Emerging Farmers

We are a platform dedicated to empowering local farmers by granting them access to market and helping them meet the high quality demands of buyers.

The biggest challenge that local farmers emerging farmers face is access to market, i.e. They have land, most have skills and desire to farm, however once the produce has been harvested, they have no one to sell it to.

This first challenge creates the second challenge: Risk. It is highly risky for farmers to spend money on seed, fertilizer and labour when most of the time they don’t get to sell what they produce.

The Challenge for buyers is the same: Risk. It is very risky for them to buy from emerging farmers because though they cheaper, they often produce sub-standard quality.

Farmers Place solves these challenges.

  • For the Emerging Farmer: We guarantee access to market and ensure timeous payment.
  • For the buyer: We guarantee quality by putting emerging farmers and their products through rigorous testing and quality assurance processes.